Working with Andrew

"Andrew is unquestionably one of the most likeable, professional, conscientious and brilliant photographers I have had the pleasure of working with. I have been commissioning Andrew for eight years now, on a variety of projects from Jaguar Cars to the London 2012 Olympics and his exceptional work is always admired by the clients we work for."
Tim Scott, Creative Director, Haymarket Network

"I was senior editor of UK Esquire and found myself in a field with 20,000 bikers, 150 Hell's Angels and one photographer, Andrew Shaylor. He was the best man for the job (a project about motorcycling, since you ask) and I've chosen to work with him as a preferred photographer ever since. That day - and every subsequent assignment I've undertaken with him - he showed intelligence, technical skill and great imagination. But a great photographer also needs tact and people skills, and Andrew has those in spades. Equally adept at portraits or landscapes, I have commissioned him for stories that have taken us to places as diverse as New Zealand, Norway and Newfoundland. He is always prepared to go the extra mile, and is utterly and totally dependable."
Bill Dunn, Editor-in-Chief, Redwood Publishing

"Chances are, if you’re reading this you won’t have worked with Andrew before. In which case I thought you’d like to know what it’s like. Over the last two decades I’ve been fortunate to work with some very talented photographers many who are ‘industry names’ – and Andrew is right up there. Whether you brief Andrew and leave him to get on with it, or work with him side-by-side in a studio or on location the experience is always rewarding. I think we can agree that Andrew’s work speaks for itself. It’s the way he gets on with people that sets him apart. People in front of the camera and people like you and me – behind it. If your budget is modest he’s resourceful. When you need something special he goes the extra mile. So the bottom line is: Work with Andrew and you can trust him to give you the right picture. And isn’t that what we all want."
Paul Austin, Independent Creative Director 

"There's only one thing you need to know about Andrew's photographs - when you see the final images that you've commissioned to take, they'll exceed your expectations. But you might like to know this as well: Andrew tackles shoots with cleverness and energy, he's full of ideas and dependable. When he photographs people he really brings out their character and the details of their features. When he shoots a car he manages to add a rich warmth to the metal and asphalt. When he photographs cities and landscapes there is a compelling immediacy in the images. I've been on shoots with Andrew on five continents and he always brings out the best in shot. I've stood behind his tripod and looked through his viewfinder at the scene ahead. Yet when I see the final picture I always think he's managed to capture something surprising and exciting."
Richard Robinson, Senior Editor, Sunday Publishing 

"I have worked with Andrew many times over the years. Along with his professionalism and dedication to his craft, he always demonstrates a rare ability to put his subjects at ease - whether it's a group of rookie racing drivers, or a Japanese senior executive. His landscape and automotive work, meanwhile, demonstrates a keen eye for the perfect moment. The results are always insightful and beautifully composed. Needless to say, working with Andrew is always a pleasure."
Doug Knox, Owner, Keel Communications Ltd 

"Andrew was asked to take photographs for our 2004 annual report and accounts, with a loose brief to focus on employees. He performed this with exceptional skill, giving us both a striking set of images for the accounts as well as a large supply of images that have been enlarged, framed and hung in our corporate offices around the world. Subsequently he has been involved in all our financial reports as well as bringing to life our company magazine, which is very much dependent on his images for its visual impact."
John Christmas, Financial Director, Avesco plc